Forage Utilization for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Publication Number: NRAES-173
Cost: $27.00
Length: 185 pages
Published: 2007
ISBN: 1-933395-05-2
Authors: Ed Rayburn, Editor
Features: 40 figures, 38 tables, glossary, 21 authors from nine universities and three government agencies.

Essential information on grazing management and harvesting conserved excess forage for livestock produced in a pasture-based system; including chapters in fencing, watering systems, lanes and feeding pads; animal-handling facilities, and more. Scroll down for a chapter and author list.

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Chapter List


Chapter 1: Assessing Species Composition And Forage Quality

Edward B. Rayburn, A. Ozzie Abaye, Benjamin F. Tracy, Matt A. Sanderson

Chapter 2: Assessing Forage Mass And Forage Budgeting

Matt A. Sanderson, Lisa Holden, Edward B. Rayburn, Kathy J. Soder, William B. Bryan

Chapter 3: Cool-Season Grass And Legume Pastures

David P. Belesky, William B. Bryan, William M. Murphy, Edward B. Rayburn

Chapter 4: Perennial Warm-Season Grasses

Paul R. Peterson, Edward B. Rayburn, James B. Cropper, David P. Belesky

Chapter 5: Perenniating Warm-Season Annual Forages

James B. Cropper, Paul R. Peterson, Edward B. Rayburn

Chapter 6: Deferred Grazing To Extend The Grazing Season

Edward B. Rayburn, Edward M. Vollborn, Matthew H. Poore, James T. Green, Michael E. Scott, Geoffrey A. Benson


Chapter 7: Supplemental Pastures

James B. Cropper, John W. Comerford

Chapter 8: Saving Forage As Hay Or Silage

Marvin H. Hall, Jerome H. Cherney, C. Alan Rotz

Chapter 9: Tools For Management Of Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Benjamin B. Bartlett, DVM

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