Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America

Publication Number: NRAES-145
Cost: $90.00
Length: 336 pages
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9781933395128
Authors: Tony Wolf et al


Wine Grape Production Guide


Eastern North America



This comprehensive reference will be useful to novice and experienced growers, crop advisors, service providers, educators, communicators, and students. It provides information on all aspects of wine grape culture including site selection and preparation, trellising and pruning, disease and pest identification, nutrient management, irrigation, pesticide application, harvesting, vineyard cost and returns, and grape sales.

The book manuscript was written by the 16 authors listed below and improved after review by 40 experts from 21 states and Canada.

The book includes:

300+ pages
174 color photos
40 line drawings
42 tables of useful information
45+ variety descriptions
Key to Insect and Mite Pests of Grapes

Sample pages

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Scroll down for a chapter list, author list, and expected outcomes. 

Chapter List

1. Costs and Returns of Vineyard Establishment and Operation
2. Vineyard Site Selection
3. Wine Grape and Rootstock Varieties
4. Vineyard Design and Establishment
5. Pruning and Training
6. Grapevine Canopy Management
7. Crop Yield Estimation and Crop Management
8. Nutrient Management
9. Grapevine Water Relations and Irrigation    
10. Spray Drift Mitigation
11. Disease Management
12. Major Insect and Mite Pests of Grape in the Mid-Atlantic Region    
13. Vineyard Weed Management
14. Wildlife Deterrence
15. Grape Purchase Contracts and Vineyard Leases        
16. Wine Grape Quality: When Is It Time to Pick?

Author List

Tony Wolf, Virginia Tech, Lead Author and Editor

Authors in alphabetical order

Terry Bates, Cornell University
William Boyd, formerly with Surry Community College
John Boyer, Virginia Tech
Mark Chien, Penn State University
Jeffrey Derr, Virginia Tech
Keith Dickinson, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Gill Giese, Surry Community College
Andrew Landers, Cornell University
Tim Martinson, Cornell University
Douglas Pfeiffer, Virginia Tech
Andrew Reynolds, Brock University (Ontario, Canada)
David Ross, University of Maryland
Fritz Westover, Virginia Tech
Wayne Wilcox, Cornell University
Thomas Zabadal, Michigan State University

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved economic sustainability of eastern vineyards
  • Improved design, operation, and profitability
  • Increased demand for supplies and services from support industries
  • Cultivar selection that considers the local growing conditions and winery preferences
  • Improved grape quality through better canopy and crop management
  • Improved educational programs and college courses
  • Reduced movement of fertilizers and pesticides off the target area.





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