Animal Production Systems for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Publication Number: NRAES-171
Cost: $37.00
Length: 246 pages
Published: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-933395-04-3
Authors: Edward B. Rayburn, West Virginia University

The fourth book in the Pasture-Based Livestock Production series explores foraging behavior, basic animal nutrition, and parasite control for pasture-based animals with chapters devoted to beef, dairy, sheep, goat, and horse nutrition and management.


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Chapter List


Chapter 1: Plant Morphology and Its Effects on Management

A. Ozzie Abaye, James T. Green, Edward B. Rayburn

Chapter 2: Ecology of Plant Communities in Forage-Livestock Systems

E. Ann Clark, Heather Karsten, William M. Murphy, Benjamin F. Tracy

Chapter 3: Soils, Soil Fertility, and Fertilizers

Edward B. Rayburn, Thomas J. Basden

Chapter 4: Nutrient Management in Forage-Livestock Systems

Paul R. Peterson, James B. Cropper, Edward B. Rayburn, William L. Stout, Jr.†

Chapter 5: Environmental Impacts of Grazing

William L. Stout, Jr.†, Andrew N. Sharpley, Lloyd B. Owens, James B. Cropper, Ronald R. Schnabel†

Chapter 6: Invertebrate Pests, Weeds, and Diseases of Forage-Livestock Systems

Robert A. Byers, William S. Curran, Barbara W. Pennypacker, Badruddin Ali Khan

Chapter 7: Establishing Forage Stands

Lester R. Vough, Marvin H. Hall, Edward B. Rayburn


† Deceased

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